The Road to Viral Videos is Paved With Good(?) Intentions—Reactions to the Infamous “Imagine” Video

It may be difficult now, nearly six months in, to remember the world of mid-March, 2020, when this Coronavirus nightmare was new to the world. The nation was in crisis, cities were shut down, and fear of the unknown was rampant, sending families and businesses into panic and scared individuals to their social media pages, looking for answers. It wasn’t an answer, but they certainly found something: a video medley, led by actress Gal Gadot and including 22 other famous celebrities, recording themselves from their homes singing John Lennon’s iconic track, Imagine.

“We are all in this together, we will get through it together. Let’s imagine together. Sing with us <3” Gadot wrote in the video’s caption, which she originally posted to her Instagram account.

A sweet idea? Maybe. But that’s not how the internet saw it. Millions of people took to Instagram and Twitter to slam the video and the celebrities it featured, calling it performative, tone-deaf, and just… embarrassing.

The video initially got some positive reactions, particularly from CBS News, whose account tweeted the video and called it a “moving” montage. However, once the video hit the mainstream timeline, the attacks started—and didn’t stop.

People called out the video for claiming to offer help and support, while failing to provide any tangible resources for people struggling during the pandemic.

Some took their frustration and expressed it through comedy, parodying the video and satirizing its purpose.

Other, less well-known celebrities joined in to poke fun at the video, highlighting the differences between them and their upper-scale peers.

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