Our mission: to be the best that true crime can be

At its best, true crime media solves cases. It brings awareness to injustices, reopens cold cases, and inspires the public to demand accountability and transparency from law enforcement. At its worst, true crime makes life miserable for survivors and victims’ families. It turns grotesque acts of violence into for-profit media, the spoils of which are rarely shared or donated to those who deserve it. It makes it easier for us to forget the “true” aspect of true crime, easier to imagine that victims and murderers alike are just characters.

This blog will strive to be the best of true crime, a genre that I believe can give us entertainment as well as an opportunity to help. Its mission is to raise awareness, spread information, and keep public interest engaged in cases that didn’t get the chance to be the subjects of podcasts and movies. It will serve as a reminder to those victims that someone cares. We care. And we might even be able to do something about it.