Case #1, Part 2: Alissa Turney

(This is the second half of our coverage on the disappearance of Alissa Turney. To read part one, click here). For the Turney family, life changed forever on the afternoon of May 17th, 2001, the last day that anyone saw or heard from 17-year-old Alissa. For years, her case faded into obscurity while her loved… Continue reading Case #1, Part 2: Alissa Turney

Case #1, Part 1: Alissa Turney

It almost took me longer to decide what case I wanted to write about than it did to actually write this piece. I went back and forth on what I thought should be the first case I share hereā€”an infamous one? One no one had ever heard of? The goriest one I could find? Eventually,… Continue reading Case #1, Part 1: Alissa Turney